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This is an attempt at a website policy. The owner of reserves the right to change the policy as seen fit. The website rules are as follows:

1. There will be no harassing of others.
2. shall remain an online environment that can be deemed acceptable by all who use it.
3. Usage of for illegal activity will be unacceptable.
4. No blatant spamming of ads will be acceptable, nor use of content for purposes other then the websites intentions. Links are acceptable as long as they aren’t blatantly intrusive of the websites nature.
5. All content generated by users become the sole property of the website and it’s owner. The right to alter any generated content shall be reserved by and it’s owner.
6. Users reserve the right to privacy. No user’s personal information will be sold or given to other persons or companies without prior consent.

Please follow these guidelines while using the site. Once more the right to alter these guidelines shall be reserved.